About us

Our Story
At The Black Chook, we believe that exceptional wine should be accessible to all, inviting you to savour, share, and celebrate life's moments. Our journey is built upon the careful selection of estate vineyards, a commitment to consistent winemaking, and a dedication to expressing varietal character consistently.

Quality from the Vineyard to Your Glass
We start with a simple yet powerful principle: great wine begins in the vineyard. Our team carefully selects estate vineyard that embody the essence of each grape variety, ensuring the grapes' full potential is captured in every bottle. The result? Wines that are approachable, generous, and cherished by wine lovers worldwide.

Consistently Acclaimed
Since our inception in 2003, our dedication to crafting outstanding wines has been recognised time and again by renowned global wine critics and at prestigious International Wine Shows. Each vintage consistently earns 90 points or more, a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into every bottle.

Sustainability in Every Sip
We are proud to produce all of our wines in lightweight glass, reducing our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional quality. We believe that the joy of wine should not come at the expense of our planet.

Our home, McLaren Vale, South Australia
Our wines are a product of the sun-drenched terroir of McLaren Vale, South Australia, a region known for its rich winemaking heritage and world-class varietals.